Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"(mott section) umpqua river"/ "riverside"

Pictured: N. Umpqua River (Mott Segment).......100 more photos here.The Mott segment of the North Umpqua (River) Trail, east of Glide, Oregon, can be used in conjunction with the Riverview Trail for a 12 mile mountain bike loop. Note that to complete the loop about a 1/2 mile ride west on Rt. 138 is necessary to pickup the Riverview Trail westbound. Also about a mile westbound (at the end of the ride) on paved Rt. 138 from the Bogus Creek Campground back to your vehicle, which should be parked at the Wright Creek Bridge.
Don't miss the Bogus Creek Camp turn-off on Riverside Trail!
Due to heavy vegetation, I would wear long pants and shirt for this loop. The Mott section is narrow and rough and damp.
If this loop is not enough, the Panther segment of the North Umpqua Trail meets the Mott, traveling eastbound. Other good options for lengthening the ride would be a ride on paved Forest Rd. #38 to see Little Falls and Steamboat Falls.
For the 12 mile loop we parked at Wright Creek trail head, went east on "Mott" and west on Riverview.
Pick up good informational brochures "North Umpqua Trail" and "Thundering Waters" at the North Umpqua Ranger Station Colliding Rivers Information Center, just east of Glide. Sections or all of this trail system may be closed much of the year, (due to weather, rock slides, fire, etc.) so check with the Info. Center before riding (or hiking).

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