Thursday, July 9, 2009

"row river"

The Row River Trail (road bike) near Cottage Grove, Or. is suggested as a mountain bike route. Wrong, it's paved! It's a nice, easy 25 mile out-and-back. Or it can be a loop (my preference) of about the same distance. The trail begins in Cottage Grove and traverses nice country to Dorena. We began at the Mosby Bridge Trailhead. Access is via Row River Rd. in Cottage Grove. The loop option entails turning south at Dorena to Shoreview Drive westbound. Turn left at Garoutte Rd. and right at Mosby Creek Rd. back to your vehicle. There are historic covered bridges to see on the route, if you like that. Not much climbing, good touring. A good resource is American Trails. They do list it as a road ride at least.

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