Wednesday, July 8, 2009

intro w/ "blacklock point"

Well, I used to live near Moab, Ut. and in Fruita, Co. Any fat tire peeps who know those areas can understand that I am disappointed in Oregon bicycling trails. It's all green! Oh well, I'm a desert rat. Still, we found a few tracks to enjoy.

Blacklock Point Trail (9 mi. loop/ mt. bike) near Port Orford, Or. can be ridden during dry seasons. It starts in woodlands near a rural airport, continues to scenic bluffs above the Pacific Ocean, and then drops to ocean beach level dunes, where there may be windsurfers on Floras Lake. Mr. Sullivan has a good route description in his hiking guide (ISBN 978-09677830-2X, Navillus Press). There is also a waterfall, he says. I haven't found it yet. Good luck! O.K., so go around again.

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Leif Erickson Trail (22 mi. out-and-back/ mt. bike) is discussed on my bicycling website. It works for hiking, running too.

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